Dreaming of Poop: What Does it Spiritually Mean ?

Ever woke up thinking, “Whoa, why was I just dreaming of poop?” You’re not alone, my friend. Poop dreams are way more common than you’d think—we all have ’em. And truth is, they reveal some pretty deep stuff about what’s going on in our lives. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out! That bizarre poop scenario your brain concocted while you slept is trying to send you a legit message.

The symbolism is no joke. From overflowing toilets to public accidents (awkward!), poop dreams can tell you when there’s inner junk you need to let go of or hidden feels you’ve kept bottled up too long. I used to think it was just my mind being weirdly weird. But tuning into those pooptastic scenes uncovered some aha moments where I was like “Welp, I DO feel stuck in this situation…” or “Huh, I AM worried about money…” See what I mean?

So plug your nose, get ready to grin and bare it, and let’s unravel the mystery of poop dreams! You might be surprised how much those stinky symbols are trying to help you clean up your psychic mess.

Lets find out what does it mean ?

Spiritual meaning of poop in a dream :

Dreaming of Poop

When it comes to dreams, Feces carries deep spiritual symbolism, often revealing our need for internal cleansing, renewal, and growth.

At the core, Feces represents the elimination of waste and toxins – clearing out all that no longer serves us to make space for the new. Like the body releasing and leaving behind unneeded digestive remnants, there is a metaphoric parallel to examining our mental, emotional, and spiritual frameworks to let go of negative attitudes, limiting beliefs, and buried emotional baggage.

Dreaming of poop suggests we have some “inner crap” that needs to be cleaned up and flushed away, allowing our truest selves to emerge. The act of pooping in dreams echoes our soul’s innate capacity to purge itself of energy blockages or stuck patterns that obstruct our higher vibration and evolution.

Spiritually, these kinds of excrement dreams are a sign it’s time for an energetic detox. We must dig deep to uncover subconscious fears, old wounds, unresolved anger, and hidden parts of ourselves still awaiting integration. The message is that transformative renewal awaits when we have the courage to confront the messy or uncomfortable within.

While their appearance may repulse the dream ego, poop dreams are a gift inviting us to grow in self-understanding and maintain clarity on our spiritual path ahead. By releasing attachment to false identities and ego constructs no longer aligned with our truths, we can embody more fully the divine essence of who we came here to be.

Spiritual meaning of pooping in a dream :

Excellent, moving on to analyze the meaning of dreams about poop in various scenarios is a logical next step after covering the core spiritual symbolism. Diving into specific dream contexts and details provides further layers of insight.

What does it mean to dream of ?

Some key poop dream scenarios we could explore include:

Pooping Everywhere ?

Represents a need for total energetic cleansing. Time to fully release negative emotions, limiting beliefs, toxic attachments on all levels.

Dream of Pooping in Toilet ?

Letting go of waste/toxins appropriately. Processing inner “crap” through proper emotional pathways and establishing healthy boundaries.

Dream of Pooping on Floor ?

Inability to handle/contain messy issues or “shadow stuff” spilling out inappropriately in life.

Dream of Pooping in Bed ?

Polluting your safe, intimate space with residual waste still requiring cleanup. Need to nurture inner child.

Dream of Public Pooping ?

Feeling vulnerability around transparent expression of authentic self where it could be in full view of judgment. Desire to be more openly seen.

Dream of Pooping a Lot ?

Large internal store of repressed energies begging for release. Substantial inner detox underway.

Dream of Stepping in Poop ?

Coming into contact with toxic environments/people needing to separate from. Ensuring you don’t tread through “shit” bringing it into your space.

Dream of Poop on Clothes ?

Soiling of identity, sense of self. Not showing true colors out of shame or conformity.

Dream of Watching Someone Poop ?

Projection of the messiness/shadows within now witnessed. Seeking discomfort to prod own growth process.

Dream of Not able To Poop ?

Constipated energy flow and emotional blockage. Suppression of feeling experience. Difficulty letting go.

Dream of Mouth Pooping ?

Unable to filter intake of toxic ideas or words. Polluting your expression and communication.

Dream of Inability to find a toilet ?

reflects emotional constipation/blockages and difficulty processing inner experiences

Dream of Overflowing toilet dreams ?

can signify overwhelmed emotions, persistent worries/stressors, or pent up frustrations

Dream of Playing with poop ?

points to repression of authentic self, shame, or belief we are “dirty”

Dreams about pooping in front of others :

Dreams of pooping openly in front of other people typically signify feelings of vulnerability, exposure, and a lack of privacy. There’s an element of feeling like you have no barriers left separating what’s personal or hidden from the public eye. It can reflect social anxiety or embarrassment – worries about being completely transparent and authentic in your expressions where judgment could occur. Or it may symbolize you actually desire to let your guard down, be less inhibited, and care less about outside opinions.

Dream of Poop in Hand ?

Holding onto unhealthy thoughts/behaviors. Carrying around toxic emotional waste needing to be released.

Dream of Public Toilet Pooping ?

Seeking privacy to process inner turmoil even though surrounding environment feels uncomfortably exposed.

Dream of Pooped Pants in Public ?

Feeling a loss of control around shadow aspects of self out in the open. Worries about true self leaking out.

Dream of Mouth Pooping ?

Inability to speak truth or contaminated communication. Polluted expression needing cleaned up.

Dream of Cleaning/Wiping Poop ?

Taking accountability to tidy up personal messes before they spread. Embracing the shadow.

Dream of Baby Poop on Hand ?

Need to nurture inner child carrying unconscious baggage from past. Handle innocent parts of self with care.

Dream of Eating Poop ?

Dangerously consuming toxic thoughts without discernment. Personal pollution and spiritual contamination.

Dream of Flushing Away Poop ?

Releasing waste fully down the drain with no residue left behind. Cathartic purging.

Dream of Smelling Poop ?

Following nose to trace source of areas requiring cleansing. Tuning into intuition.

Dream of Throwing Poop ?

Projecting mess onto others rather than owning what belongs to and must be cleaned up within self.

Conclusion :

In closing, dreams featuring excrement and poop carry profound spiritual symbolism that weave the common thread of deep internal purification wanting to occur within us.

When you dream about poop, pee, or other gross stuff coming out of your body, it might make you feel icky. But there’s no need to feel embarrassed or weird. These kinds of dreams are very common!

Poop dreams actually have an important meaning. Your mind is trying to show you that there’s some “junk” inside your heart or head that needs to get cleaned out. This could be bad feelings you’ve been holding onto, like anger, fear, jealousy or sadness. It might be beliefs or habits that don’t help you anymore and just drag you down. Or it could be a life situation that’s become so stressful it’s time to flush it away.

Whatever yucky stuff shows up in your dreams, your mind is sending you a message to let it go. It’s saying loud and clear – time for a good inner cleaning! Releasing and throwing away the unnecessary “poop” inside makes space for healthier, happier new things to grow.

So next time your dreams get a little stinky, don’t feel ashamed. Be grateful for the reminder to do a bit of emotional and mental “spring cleaning!” A fresh start always feels lighter and brighter.


What does poop symbolize in dreams?

Elimination of Waste – Poop represents the need to release and flush away negativity, toxic behaviors, or emotional baggage that no longer serves your spiritual growth.
Inner Purification – Excrement dreams signify a calling from the depths of self for mental, emotional, and energetic cleansing to clear stuck pathways for authentic being.

Does Dreaming of Poop Have Positive or Negative Meanings?

Messy Dreams Have Meaning – Even though poop dreams seem unpleasant, they contain helpful messages for positive growth.
Clean Out the Old – Seeing poop symbols tells your mind it’s time to let go of any negative old feelings, stories, or habits holding you back.

Does dreaming of poop mean money?

Poop Equals Inner Riches – Though poop represents money to some, its deeper meaning is about mining the treasure within.
Dig for Golden Parts – Gross dream signs urge you to dig deep to discover, clean and reveal your golden, greatest self.

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